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Responsive Web Design

Essential For Ranking In Layton Utah

Who Am I? An Astronomer...

The internet is like the cosmos… information is constantly expanding and rarely organized. I align and map your information into an organized structure to outline your business to search engines— like a constellation among the stars.

Layton Utah Responsive Web Design

Responsive Web Design

Business in Layton Utah? Then you should consider over 50% of all web traffic is across mobile devices! It is vital to maintaining a mobile friendly site. Google and other search engines now rank responsive sites with a lot more weight on being mobile friendly. Contact me to find out if your site is responsive and optimized for mobile conversion.

Layton Utah Brand Strategy

Brand Strategy

Building a brand strategy is essential for even small business owners. Produced media on social, and other, platforms see a much greater increase in sales or subscriptions because of the trust branding builds with your audience.  Google likes branding that is incorporated in your web properties because they know it is an important factor in online conversion.

Layton Utah - Local SEO

Local Layton Utah SEO

SEO in Layton, Utah is more and more important as the population increases and more business moves in. With more national lead generation sites pushing down the organic ranking of local businesses, it is important for small local entities to seek out search marketing professionals to help them be more visible, with their related search terms.

Layton Utah Video Marketing

Video Marketing

Good video marketing doesn’t always have to be done in a studio. People today respond well to honesty and engaging content that helps them feel comfortable and builds trust. On the other hand it is a good idea to produce quality videos with branding to show your willing to invest in your business and the way you engage with customers.

What Can SEO Do For Your Business In Layton?

If you own a business in Layton, Utah you know what a great place it is to live! Business is growing all the time and the need to stand out online is getting to be more challenging.  I would like the opportunity to help you become visible online by gaining a higher position in the search results. There are many factors that keep websites from being visible online. I provide a free analysis of where you stand, how you compare to competitors and where you might improve to help search engines understand what your website is about and how you provide value to the community.

If you would like to explore more about how Search Engine Optimization can help you bring in new leads and potential customers, you have come to the right place. Please take advantage of the my other pages that help visitors understand more about the search marketing industry.

Feel free to contact me and find out how I can help you become visible online. For a fast evaluation of o your business please fill out my SEO Analysis Form.

Thank you for your interest!

Free SEO Analysis

Get a comprehensive look at how and why your site ranks where it does

Be Visible In Layton

Increase the exposure your business needs by improving visibility and dominating in Google and other search engines. I’m here to map you to the top. Understanding how search marketing works and how it can build your business, is my passion. Contact me today to get more insight.

Find New Customers

My services will improve the amount of traffic to your website, social profiles and location more than other marketing strategies that date back to the 90’s.. The area of marketing and the ability to granulate who you market too, demographic, is much better today but also seems to be a never ending learning curve. Let me help you find solutions that improve your online visibility.

Increase Capital

With more traffic brings more opportunities to grow your business. The increase in exposure and visibility online offers the opportunity to see an increase in revenue from improved business location listings, on page conversion factors and effective sales strategies. Get more leads today to convert more customers tomorrow.

Monthly Reports

You will get reports that show your ranking status for specific keywords, any notes or related information pertaining to your business and any big announcements of  changes in the search marketing industry, including algorithm updates and any needs required to keep your business on the path to success.

An Advocate

My goal is to help with questions, concerns and any necessary updates on your business. I want to help you expand your customer base and communication is key to meeting our goals together.


Building systems that help businesses get traffic has become my life, I work very hard to stay on top of industry changes and depend on a dominating mastermind group that motivates and enables me to learn from top SEOs in the world. My dedication to learning is a benefit to your business.



Many marketers will outsource most of their work to sites like Fiverr and don’t know where backlinks are coming from. Ranking is not solely based on inbound links! I keep your site under my control as much as possible and depend on my in-house tools to drive your rankings up and help stick rather than temporary risky backlinking from unknown sources from other countries that don’t have real training or experience!

Factors To Consider When Choosing An SEO Company

Search engine optimization plays a vital role in a site’s/business’ performance online. With many people relying on search engines to find products, services, and answers, fast, it is for website owners to ensure their sites are well optimized for search engines. Properly optimized websites have a higher probability of showing up on the top page of a search result, thus attracting more audience, click through, and traffic.
With almost every internet site/business employing various optimization campaigns to help improve visibility online, search marketing is slowly becoming a tough egg to crack. With optimization tactics changing every day, the only way to have this done is by hiring an SEO company to do it for you. Having a professional handle your needs best, and guaranteed, way to ensure your website is visible to search engines, or even better, show up on the top page of search engine results pages. Some of the most important factors to consider when choosing an SEO Company include:

1. The Company’s Market Presence
Although there are hundreds of marketing companies out there, only a few have been able to realize the dream of having their site’s showing up on the top pages of Google, Yahoo, Bing, or any other search engine. One of the reasons for this is because SEO is incredibly competitive, with only a few being able to optimize and market their site’s properly for both search engines, and organic visitors. Entering the phrase ‘Search Engine Optimization Company’ on any search engine should give you multiple hits on companies offering such services within your locality. As long as an the firm is capable of optimizing its pages for search engines, you can then be assured they can do the same for you.

2. Experience/Portfolio
Expertise in this field also matters a lot especially when your company’s performance is at stake. Although new and upcoming companies may be capable of delivering quality results, it would be best if you go for a firm that has been in the market for quite some time. One of the reasons for this is that, although SEO tactics and strategies evolve, they all revolve around factors such as content, responsiveness, keyword research, and optimization, as well as social media marketing among others. Companies that have evolved with the various search engine optimization strategies and updates released by Google are therefore better placed than newer ones. Looking into the firm’s portfolio should tell you enough about its accomplishments and what to expect.

3. Customer Reviews and Testimonials
Reading through customer testimonials and reviews should tell you more about the SEO companies. If a company is capable of delivering results, then many customers will testify or even leave positive reviews about the service. If dissatisfied, the number of negative reviews will be more than positive ones. You however should be wary of ‘fake’ reviews in the name of marketing a company. Take some time to contact one or two of the happy customers or one of the unhappy customers to learn more about the firm. Looking out for reviews on review websites (such as Yelp and can also help you make a more informed decision about a particular company.

4. Results
Although tracking SEO activities may be cumbersome, some of the most experienced and professional firms can back their words with results. You can request the firm to provide you with a list of other companies/clients that have used their services, and happy with the results. With the list, you should take some time to visit these sites to see how well they are performing. It would be even better if you contact the site owners and administrators to find out what their experience was.

5. Optimization Tactics and Strategies Used
Although most companies may not be willing to give up whatever optimization tactics they use on your website, you should at least find out what strategies they use. The reason why you should be concerned about this is that some firms may use black hat tactics to improve your site’s performance. Although you may start seeing immediate results from these, your site could be de-indexed or even penalized for using unethical ways to cheat search engines. Nonetheless, going for companies that use recommended (white hat) methods to optimize sites is recommended. The best thing with white hat SEO techniques is that you get to enjoy results for much longer than you would have if black hat strategies were used.
6. Cost and Customer Service
How much the company will be charging for the service is another factor that should be considered carefully. While companies charging exorbitant rates for the service should be avoided, you however shouldn’t go for cheap options either. Companies charging low rates may not be capable of delivering quality results, or even worse, use unethical methods on your site. It would also be a wise idea to request for quotes from different companies for comparison purposes. These quotes should help you determine how much you would spend for the service.
You should also be concerned about the company’s customer support service as well. If possible, take some time to contact each of the potential candidate’s customer support to see how responsive they are, and if their service is excellent. An awful customer support service may translate to an equivalent service at the end.
While hiring a professional company is recommended, you should also consider educating yourself on some of the basics of SEO industry. Armed with this info, it will be almost impossible for anyone to take you for a ride. Hiring a professional to optimize your site however helps improve performance by making it easier for you to reach out to target audience, as well as record higher returns on investment.