Brand Marketing Strategies You Can Use To Boost Sales

How can you use brand marketing strategies to make your company do better in the sales department? There are many ways, actually, and you’re going to learn about a few of them here. That way, you’re capable of growing your potential and paying customer bases.

Marketing Profiles For Potential Customers

You’re going to want to create profiles of the various types of people that are likely to buy from you. For instance, if you are selling clothing for women then you’ll want to think about the age of the women that you will be wanting to market to. In that example, your target audience may be females that are in their 20s. When you create a profile of who is a good candidate for your brand to market to, you don’t waste as much time sending out ads to people that won’t respond to them most of the time.

Social Media Strategies

A good marketing strategy is to build a social media account. This way, you can get a free profile and use it to collect followers that you can share marketing messages with. Here are a few ideas you can use to make social media work the best for you.

*Don’t Get Too Personal

When you’re building your social media page, you want to make sure that it reflects your company and nothing else. Don’t add in things like your favorite sports teams, for example, because people that don’t like what you personally like won’t want to follow you. Instead, make sure that you’re just posting things and filling out your profile as if you are your brand talking to people that come by.

*Keep Your Communications Clean

When you talk to someone on social media, keep in mind that everyone is going to be able to see what you are saying. Don’t get into arguments with customers or random people because even if the messages are private they can take a screenshot and call you out on what you said. That’s why if someone has a problem with your business, you should just offer to fix the issue for them and if they keep acting out towards you just block them instead of cursing them out.

*Hold A Contest

If you want to get more followers, try holding a contest that offers people a prize for completing a task. One example would be to ask people to comment on and share a status that has a marketing message in it. Tell the followers you have that you will choose someone to win a prize at random, and make sure that you follow through with that promise. The prize can have something to do with your company, like a free product or you can do something like give out Paypal money. You’re basically paying to have people advertise for you.

*Check Your Profile Often

Don’t just open a social media profile and ignore it after you set it up. People are going to comment on things and you also need to be sure that you’re posting messages regularly so that people have a reason to follow you on there. When you share content, make sure that it is not just an ad. You can wrap useful content around an ad, and that way people are likely to share the message so it spreads to more followers than just the ones you have.

Email Marketing Tips

Another great way to market is through emails. You want to get to know how to do this right so you don’t end up in the spam folders of people that sign up for your list.

Opting In And Out Options

Create a sign up form on your website that collects the name and email addresses of those that wish to join your list. You also need to have a way for people to opt out of getting messages if they no longer wish to get them. If you don’t have that kind of an option for them to opt out, then your messages can be flagged as spam. If enough people do this then you may end up on spam lists where your emails automatically end up in spam folders.

Useful Marketing Messages

You have to send out messages that actually are useful and full of free tips or fun information for people to enjoy. Then near the end or somewhere in the middle you can ask people to check out a product or service you have, and you can add a call to action at the very end of the email. Don’t just send out ads, and also make sure that you include something people can use like a coupon to use on your products or services.

Send Emails At A Good Time

You’re going to want to think of when most of the people on your mailing list are likely to be online. For instance, you may have mostly followers in one time zone and will find that sending messages out around 5PM is the best because it’s right when people get home and check their personal email. Experiment a little, and make sure you don’t send out too many messages so people don’t get annoyed. One a day or even just a couple of messages a week should be fine. Again, just experiment a little and watch the stats associated with sales to see what works and what to avoid in the future.

Now that you have some brand marketing strategies in mind, you can use them to your advantage. Making more sales is not that difficult once you get into it and pay close attention to what you’re doing. Use one or more of the ideas you learned about here to see more business happening for you.

Watch the video below to get further insight into marketing strategies for today’s market. The presenter is Sasha Strauss, who is the managing director of Innovation Protocol and graduate business marketing professor at USC and UCLA.